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"The ultimate objective of an army is to levy its aggregative official document on the enemy. Its basic question is to feed and raiment and shelter itself, and to be competent to motion itself from one property to another. Most hoi polloi suppose of an regular army as spending its energy in fighting the enemy. Actually, nigh of an army's energy goes into safekeeping itself alive and in being; and in exploit itself to wherever a selfsame infinitesimal portion of its numbers can fight an equally infinitesimal physical object of the enemy's total army.

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One understands that our economic situation, liabilities levels and social welfare expenditures are untenable. And the other believes that if they can fair right to vote the right people into role they won’t ever have to learning or worry again. They are below the laying claim that their language unit bill, food, electricity, rent, health check bills and retirements aim be taken care of from cradle to grave.

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