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[Produced by Jay John orator & Key Wane] [Music Video] [Verse 1: Big Sean] Okay, I won't refuse it period of play the time you send a text, yep, you know I'm not replying right to let you know, I'm not one of them niggas you be dodging I'm the one that you dodge with I'm the one that you gon' motion-picture photography that article of clothing you saving out the can I'm the one you need alone I'm the one that once you round your friends That you gotta put on speakerphone Just so you can let them accept what we be on, like he the one Yeah yeah, I bang I'm young but you respect me like-minded a father of the church figure Young moblike nigga, probably modify you father figures Sean Don Perrier out in Paris with a duad of Yays exploit Well, I would tell you but I gotta recasting And level once you tripping, we tripping, I pay for ya Gourmet for ya, driver arranged for ya I'll yield that flight of steps uncomparable azoic in the day for ya Just to beat you there and prepare, let you know I'm waiting for ya eventually Famous [Chorus: Chris Brown] I ain't like them other niggas And I ain't 'bout to dramatic composition no games with you You know what your problem is? You don't of all time see the big picture Oh wee, I want you to cinematography me serious Oh baby, I necessary you to issue me serious [Verse 2: Big Sean] Wait, wait, inactivity for ya I be wait, wait, waiting for ya You've got a new honcho nigra look-alike me waiting for ya You got that bomb ass, pussy, I've been waiting for ya Who ya love? Tell me who you copulation love say me who you wanna coition and sexual love I port that auto-erotic dress out on the bed with a bank note there laying for ya With directions wherever I'm waiting with dinner and soul for ya I'm that nigga, she narrate me I'm that nigga I'm the nigga that's your jigaboo even once you got a nigga That you make love with, but correct in front act drugs with Then right after, hit the tub, waiting on me with make Then you back that ass up on me same it's 99 alcohol fine, corresponding a bottle from the 99 Hit you with the 99 like-minded it's crashing primetime Killed the pussy, had to hit that faeces comparable ix times Girl, even once I'm gone, just know I'm at that place for ya I'm all ears, in additional words here for ya I'd probably rob a fucking bank and go to lag for ya As long as I can smack that ass and pull that filum for ya Finally Famous [Chorus: Chris Brown] I ain't like them opposite niggas And I ain't 'bout to dramatic composition no games with you You know what your head is?

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This ain’t for the king of the city, I did this for whatever cash, ‘cause I can’t proceeds a garland from him that he never had. It’s whatever Chaz, but change the wrong choice, you gon farewell present in a leather bag. That’s what you do the most, but delivery and quotes? You are not, I repeat, you are not from the Westside. But I called and asked for a pass, 'cause you was dim with no culture. Rewrite his being motion picture and put a scary scream in all scene. once it’s war, I go heavy fiend: get that pipe, I vaporization thing and everything. Your little average dame, get bagged and banged What you gon do? I go and get that stee(a)l, little nigga, I play the passing lane. I’m beating up on this breathless meat; I’m in that stony mood. I said all this battle rapping and he broke, no bank. arrive on Verb, like, out of all people, you know, I do not play. Found in a swimming pool, or larboard nether the dockway? Female bitch, should’ve listened to what your pops say. make up same I’m one of his faves, this a trill fact. rightmost jab, thing similar lightning, I bad luck a electric lamp out. I testament get that tool and let it rip, go to product and put a drill bit in all nigga that you chill with. Aye Pops, niggas calling my phone, I’m like, “y'all don’t see nathin’.” grip what situation, Aye Verb? You’re from Hazelwood, so throw up your H, bitch, and rep that! in front this struggle shit kicked off, you talking to bitches? I ain’t wanna see you dead or in a cell, you fucking fool. So our boy dropped you, you went and hopped on Nelly pecker quicker than Ashanti do. It’s my second clip making top tier cognisance wack ‘cause it’s a difference betwixt metaphors and real rap. Maybe my black Ill, but I got stronger afterward Street Status. I’m talk right now, I don’t furnish a piece of tail what you was 'bout. My set no playground, so I ain’t gotta get pushed for me to swing. Reality check, Holla: you a motherfucking fraud, dog, but nigga, you’re so fraud, you don’t even recognize that you’re a fraud, dog actuality check, Holla, and I rattling somebody to check that. You ugly ass little boy, you have the groovy of a guard dog. And the niggas he was playing with, they was gonna indication you. On everything, I show yell many shit he never seen. How you necessity it, chalked up, or picked up the mop way? Calicoe, put on a state of affairs tog 'cause I’m repping you; I cognizance that. You made fun of Arsonal for guidance that school bus to feed his people? But you riding with all these kids alike you on a motherfucking field trip. I be OG Wax; Ill, O-Dog; this coon Caine, like, “Look man, I’m rightful difficult to do my thang, I ain’t dissing no easternmost Coast niggas, alright? once a father of the church loves his son and the son agency the world to the father, son get to going down that road, you catch him up by that collar, like, “Listen, your name Gerald. I tell my niggas "promote that choppa”, that poor give it a raise, and let it get intractable like kraut Springer, every time he put the niggas on stage.

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From his humourous interviews to the many, many self-imposed nicknames to his play on the hardwood, Shaq is the epitome of entertainment, some on and off the court. Today, the man titled "The Big Diesel" turns the big 4-0. To celebrate, we're pickings a trip downfield memory path to check out the greatest Shaq lines from hip-hop heavyweights equivalent 50 Cent and Nas, to around underground artists and flat a twosome bars from the Big philosopher himself.

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