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Women's Orgasm Woes: Could Clitoris Be the Culprit?

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The erectile organ is a woman's most highly sensitive body zone. And as it turns out, its size of it matters — a new written document has establish that in women who hold climax problems, the clitoris is smaller, and settled far from the vagina. Researchers used attractive plangency imaging (MRI) to scan the pelvic orbit of 30 women who were on average 32 time of life old.

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Lyrical Lesbians: Enlarged clitoris

The clitoris may besides take on the shape of the top dog of a penis, because the clitoris and the member some have got the selfsame type of erectile tissue and exaggerated clitorises do look to resemble the heads of penises. And now it seems that the market is treed by gay men. They get all the movies, all the primo clubs and about of the magazines. If in attendance from birth, congenital adrenal hyperplasia can be the cause, which is a premiss in which the excretory organ secreter of a femal fetus produces additional androgens which justification the newborn baby to display ambivalent genitalia which are neither clearly manlike or female.

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