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Watching this movie, the first action that came to psyche was, "Wow, these kids sure are fake." In many initial reviews, this movie was derided as state a joke. It was either perception about the various mortal scenes of Anne anne hathaway or a aggregation of snowy kids trying to act black, and doing it poorly. I aforesaid that that "fake" was the archetypal abstraction that came to mind, because we are immediately presented with this set of prosperous white kids performing arts like they are black.

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Without the constraints of network TV, Mac Farlane has expropriated off the boxing glove and created an extremely vulgar movie, occupied with wall-to-wall skanky language, racial and ethnic jokes, sexed implication and references, some nudity and partly shown sex, and a lurid disputation scene. Characters crapulence beer and smoke pot regularly, crapulence harder drink occasionally, and even try cocaine (the negative effects are shown). at that place are also scads of pop appreciation references, as recovered as a few creation references, including beer, scrap food, and television games.

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