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Watching this movie, the oldest thing that came to recollection was, "Wow, these kids certain are fake." In many letter reviews, this film was derided as state a joke. It was either earshot or so the various nude scenes of Anne Hathaway or a bunch of white-hot kids hard to act black, and doing it poorly. I said that that "fake" was the first action that came to mind, because we are like a shot conferred with this group of abundant segregated kids performing arts suchlike they are black.

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Without the constraints of system TV, Mac Farlane has taken off the gloves and created an extremely vulgar movie, filled with wall-to-wall offensive language, racial and ethnical jokes, sexed implication and references, some condition and partly shown sex, and a violent fight scene. Characters liquid brew and smoke pot regularly, boozing harder drink occasionally, and fifty-fifty try hard drug (the dissident phenomenon are shown). There are as well tons of pop content references, as healthy as a few product references, including beer, cast out food, and tv games.

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