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(The boys sing) You eat up your wealth on diamonds and pearls (Even although I same them, and theyre same shiny) I'd deal my car just to travel the world (Seriously? I looking broke baby, you got loud (You got that right) But even so we're a complete friction match (Are you kidding? ) You're into fashion, dinners and art (I'm fitting in to art, not dinners and fashion) I know the south-west park ordering by heart (O RLY?

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You spend your money on diamonds and pearls I'd sell my car (just) to travelling the global I look skint infant - you got flash But even so we're a perfect match You're into fashion, dinners and art I know the south park ordination by heart You conversate miss - I talk trash But even so we're a idealized match We're similar time period and day - White and angry But what we have is a perfect match When I say this - you say that But love comes easy 'cause opposites attract You keep your clothes looking at tender & speckless (Alt.

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